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PEOSH Meeting Minutes January 2018

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PEOSH Fire Update Part12019 PEOSH Fire Update Part 2

For Additional Information About Employee Health, Especially in Fire Stations, visit the following website –


Smoke Alarms Using Mother’s Voice Wake Children Better than High-Pitch Tone Alarms

Good Read – Ritz Tower, NYC 8/1/1932

This is a very interesting article dealing with a difficult situation, where one event leads to a catastrophe. Although it occurred a long time ago, lessons can be learned about code requirements, district familiarization and building inspections.

Click on the link below for the entire article.

March 2018, Ritz Tower Explosion

ICS Organizational Chart

NFPA 2015 Fire Fatality Report

Battery Brain Device

– Monitors Battery voltage and health
– Automatically Disconnect the battery
– Preserves enough charge to start your vehicle
– Simply press the Reconnect button
– Disconnect on demand to use as an ANTI-THEFT device

Survey on The Study of the Communication/Technology in the Fire Service

Dear Participant:

My name is Rufus Jackson and I am currently a Deputy Fire Chief with Newark Fire Division. I am currently a student enrolled in the Rutgers University’s Certified Public Management Course. As a requirement of the course I must conduct research of my chosen topic, which is The Study of the Communication / Technology in the Fire Service. You have been chosen to participate in my research because of your unique positions within your organizations. Your thoughts and opinions are a very important aspect of my research project. Please take few minutes to complete a 10-question survey.

Thank You For Your Assistance.
Rufus Jackson (Deputy Fire Chief)
Newark Fire Department

Below is a link to a 10-question survey

Redefining Hybrid Construction

This is an article written by B/C Brian Crimmins, Hoboken FD that was published in Fire Engineering Magazine.